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Come visit our region on horseback

Located on a vast bovine farm, Ranch St-Fabien invites you to its memorable horseback rides. More than just a horse ride, you will discover our history, our life and our agricultural world. The beautiful landscapes will mark your passage at Ranch St-Fabien.

Our team wishes you: Welcome to Ranch St-Fabien!

Who we are

The Owner

Owner since 1991, Carol Roy, took over from her father's Bovine Farm.

A farm of 110 cows mostly black angus and red angus in free ranging. The animals spend most of the year outside. They decide if they want to come inside or not in the winter. Their feeds consist of grass, young hay, corn silage and oats. Everything is produced right here on the farm. We are proud to breed our animals without implants, hormones or antibiotics.

Because of his passion for horses since the age of 12, he opened his Ranch in 1994 to share his passion to others.

It's a success because 26 years later we are still here, ready to make you discover our beautiful world of horseback riding.


Ferme Carol Roy from SaveursBSL on Vimeo.

Our Guides
Beatrice has been a guide at Ranch St-Fabien since 2011. She also takes care of telephone and email reservations. Young and sociable, she will assure that you have a great time in our trails in the 4 seasons that Quebec has to offer!
Beatrice Foord-St-Laurent
French and English Certified Guide
Anaïs came for a short internship in September 2018. She loved her trip to Quebec so much that she decided to move here from France. With her French accent and her constant cheerfulness she will make you laugh during your trail rides this year.
AnaÏs Mosch
French Certified Guide